Content Marketing World reveals what marketers REALLY need from their data

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Content Marketing World LogoThe last few days in Cleveland for Content Marketing World revealed one very important lesson:

Marketers are in desperate need of better, more complete data and insights into the performance of their content marketing efforts.

Many of the conversations we had during the show that took place with brands, agencies and vendors made it clear the benefits of content marketing are uncontested. It is well known content is extremely effective and delivers tremendous value to your audience. What’s missing from many content marketers toolkits, however, is deep insight in to the performance of their content, both by individual piece and by campaign.

Ultimately, what marketers are looking for is deeper context and more detailed metrics around the impact of their content. Looking at only one aspect of the performance of a content marketing campaign in isolation cannot give the necessary insight marketers need to determine how effective their content was in relation to other efforts, and what impact it has had on their web presence.

screenshot of campaigns in gShift softwareFor example, for my last three blog posts, how did my social engagement compare to my email performance? How does each piece of content rank in organic search and under what keywords? Is one more visible than the others in New York, Seattle or Chicago? What’s my mobile engagement look like for each of them?

Depending on what the purpose of the content campaign is, you should be interested in different metrics to determine its true performance. Having the most information possible, across all of your digital touch points and viewing them in the context of a campaign, can give you a much more powerful view of what’s working and what’s not.

Marketers at CMWorld were excited to see the deep level metrics and insight gShift’s platform provides. Using tools like the gShift Content Performance Module, marketers are now able to measure the performance of content, by campaign, across the entire Web. Search visibility can be broken down globally, regionally and locally, all the way down to the mobile level. Social network signals for each piece of content in a campaign are displayed, so you can see what’s generating the most engagement and in which channel. Overall, you’ll be able to see what’s generating activity on your content, where users are coming from and what’s actually converting for you.

Content marketing is truly powerful, as marketers know, and it’s just getting started. We’re in the infancy of content marketing and as it evolves marketers will need even deeper insights into how their content is performing, where the activity is happening and what’s generating conversions. Better content ultimately comes from better data and better context.

Find out more about the gShift platform and see a live demo of how it can help content marketers obtain powerful insights by signing up for one of our upcoming webinars:

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