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Agency SEO Audits: Leveraging Insights to Gain New Clients

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Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the importance of conducting regular website SEO audits on your own site, as well as how to use them to gather competitive SEO knowledge. Today, we are focusing on how digital marketing agencies can use a pre-sale website SEO audit to help gain new business.

The digital marketing space is competitive. There are an unthinkable number of agencies, ranging from independent consultants to global powerhouses vying for digital marketing dollars. As a result, companies find themselves receiving pitches for SEO, content and social services on the daily. I would know since I filter a lot of them out of my inbox.

Like myself, many brand marketers may find themselves inundated with offers of “affordable services” and Page-One promises. However, when used a pre-sale SEO audit is used correctly can make a very compelling case for your agency, help motivate prospects through your sales funnel and provide valuable insight on the health of their web presence.

Get to Know Your Prospect First

A site audit can come across as mildly intrusive without any prior context or rapport. You are crawling the prospect’s site, looking into the details of their architecture and potentially offering unsolicited advice. Unintentionally, if you send the audit prematurely, it may come across as pushy or spammy. To avoid this, take the time to have a conversation or two with your prospect. Get to know their business, their current digital strategy and, most importantly, their goals. Offer to conduct an audit as a complimentary service to see where your services should focus on first.

“A pre-sales site audit gives us intelligence to understand the health and/opportunities which exist when meeting with prospective clients,” says John Irving, Senior Sales and Accounts Manager, gShift. “Pre-sales audits can uncover insights we can use when conducting keyword research and analysis.”

Create Insightful Digital Marketing Proposals

An SEO audit conducted for a new prospect can help to identify key areas of focus and opportunities for improvement. Leveraging data about the prospect’s current web presence will help you to create an effective go-forward plan. After you present the audit to the potential client, use their feedback, the audit details and the goals they initially outlined to put together a comprehensive, data-driven proposal.

John adds, “Using audits as sales tools can help identify what the tactics you should focus on when working to put together a client pitch;  i.e. should we focus on internal link structure or perhaps their on-site SEO is strong, and we should highlight off-site SEO tactics.”

As with all digital marketing services, the most important step is to ensure the client strategy is efficient and set up for success. Conducting an SEO website audit before work has even begun is like outlining the ideal blueprint before you break ground.

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