SEO technology software provider gShift Labs first to deliver YouTube rankings – enabling marketers to boost visibility of business videos in search engines

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Along with analytics and competitive insights, rank checking of videos enables companies to optimize keyword phrases for Google and YouTube

Toronto, ON, October 19, 2011: gShift Labs, the creator of patent-pending Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software that is giving marketers control over their organic search campaigns, is the first SEO technology provider to offer customers YouTube rankings. In its product release today, gShift’s industry leading software, Web Presence Optimizer™ arms users with weekly YouTube rankings and insights into competitors with video to help them dominate in organic search.

Second only to Google as the most used global search engine, YouTube is increasingly seen as an important channel for businesses to connect with consumers looking for videos about products and services. Many businesses are connecting with prospects and customers by uploading testimonials, product how-to and support videos, along with promotional material.

“Video is quickly becoming a vital part of a company’s ability to inform consumers, market services and increase web presence,” says Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder and CEO, gShift Labs. “Building YouTube ranking capabilities into our SEO software provides our customers with critical insights to ensure their business or service appears on the first page of YouTube and also Google.”

LaRiviere says the first step in this process is to use gShift’s web presence optimization software to find out how your videos currently rank and how strong the competition is for keywords you want to rank for. Additionally, gShift provides insight into YouTube traffic and whether a company’s website is acquiring valuable organic traffic from YouTube that converts into sales leads.

“If you haven’t thought of using YouTube, gShift makes it easier for you to start and understand how you are doing against competitors,” says Chris Adams, Cofounder and CTO, gShift. “The interesting part of using YouTube is that your videos can also rank in Google for the exact same keyword phrases. And in some cases, your videos can rank on the first page of the Google search results, which also increases web presence.”

Armed with better analytics, Adams says companies can also ensure their business videos rank higher for a keyword phrase before posting videos to YouTube. Embedding the most effective keyword phrases in the video title, its description and the way it is tagged can play an important role in gaining first page rankings on search engines.

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gShift Labs provides SEO software for non-SEO professionals by giving marketers control over their organic search campaigns. Companies across North America are getting top organic ranking in search engines using gShift’s Web Presence Optimizer™ (WPO), which simplifies, demystifies and standardizes the way a website gets found on the internet. Organizations of all sizes benefit by reducing the time and resources required to analyze and improve organic search optimization. Winner of numerous technology awards, gShift is considered one of the hottest software innovation companies in Canada. For more information visit:

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