gShift’s Global, Regional and Local Content Marketing Performance Metrics with mobile insights unveiled at Content Marketing World

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screencapture-110Gauge the performance of content marketing investments worldwide, regionally, and locally including mobile metrics

Cleveland, OH, September 9, 2014 – gShift, a global leader in content marketing performance metrics software, today announced enhanced capability to measure the visibility and performance of content within international and regional channels. The result is the most complete insights and metrics into the performance of a content marketing campaign across search, social, mobile and email.

“Content marketing drives owned and earned digital investments, however, measuring and reporting on the impact and effort is challenging for both B2C and B2B marketers,” said Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder & CEO at gShift. “Our proprietary software platform collects a unique content-level dataset for international, local and mobile content marketing campaigns. gShift’s most complete set of performance metrics in the industry makes measuring and comparing content marketing investments possible.”

The very nature of content marketing is that it has no boundaries. Brands with audiences in international markets depend on accurate data about their content engagement by language, location and device, in order to develop powerful content strategies, which resonate within each unique market. Understanding the difference in content engagement from a mobile device compared to a desktop and from one country or region to another is vital and can be a competitive advantage.

“When brands invest in content marketing, whether they be local businesses or major multi-national brands, they need to be able to measure the engagement of that content within the search, social, mobile and email channels,” adds LaRiviere. “Being able to effectively measure how any one piece of content performs depends on where a marketer obtains data. gShift provides marketers access to data from sources that matter the most to them and compiles it all into one dashboard.”

Discoverability by Search Engine Understand how visible your content is and understand your positions within any search engine in the world.

Content Performance Module Create a Content Campaign and gain insights into how specific content performs across search, social, mobile and email.

gShift’s content marketing performance metrics platform will be on display at Booth #42 at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, OH from Sept 9-10, 2014. Content Marketing World presents over 80 sessions by leading brand marketers from around the world covering strategy, integration, measurement and more.

About gShift

gShift’s industry leading Web Presence Analytics platform helps Brand and Agency teams efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of a company’s content across its web presence. gShift’s software infrastructure has been collecting and storing web presence data since 2009. More than 10,000 brands in 24 countries benefit from gShift’s insight data and software, as they optimize their time to improve the discoverability and the sharing of their content. gShift placed 29th on the PROFIT HOT 50.

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