Digital Marketing Courses with gShift University

gShift Launches Private, Instructor-Led Digital Marketing Courses with gShift University

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-Answering industry demand for more hands-on, practical digital training for agencies and in-house brand marketing teams.-

BARRIE – June 21, 2017 – gShift, an industry leading technology vendor for digital marketing and web presence analytics, has launched a new training program called gShift University. The company developed this program after recognizing a challenge facing many agency and brand clients of the gShift platform, who expressed difficulty in staying up-to-date with the knowledge of the industry standards and emerging techniques needed to succeed in the ever-changing digital space.

“In talking with the in-house marketing teams of our brand clients, we found many of them struggle to stay ahead of Google’s algorithms and other social, mobile and digital technology changes. As much as we want to think everyone knows the current digital side of marketing, the truth is many marketers don’t have the time to keep up,” says Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder and CEO of gShift. “We have heard the same thing from our agency clients, who want to ensure they are delivering the latest strategies and tactics when it comes to SEO, social media, content, influencers, and more. For the agencies specifically, they have also expressed interest in learning better techniques in order to sell digital services to their clients in the first place.”

gShift University is designed to provide the training and skills required, both theoretical and applied, to develop successful strategies for digital marketing. The program has been divided into individual courses, but also offers four certificate programs, comprised of specific groups of courses. These certificates include Content Marketing, SEO, Influencer Marketing, and Digital Sales.

“Our goal is to strengthen the knowledge your team has,” says LaRiviere. “We want to amplify your existing digital marketing efforts and drive revenue growth for your company.”

Since launching gShift University earlier this year, gShift has seen an overwhelming response from existing clients, as well as from brands and agencies who were previously not connected to the platform. As digital industry demands and strategies continue to evolve, gShift University will develop current and new courses to ensure they are offering the most vital information to marketers.

About gShift
gShift’s industry leading Web Presence Analytics Software platform helps brands and agencies efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of content across their web presences. gShift is passionate about simplifying the lives of digital marketers and has built the Content Performance Cloud, a collaboration of modules and integrated technologies in one single sign-on platform. gShift’s software has been collecting and storing web presence and SEO data since 2009. gShift delivers this data along with insights on influencer marketing, audience development and smart URL tracking for on-site and off-site content, enabling marketers to gain a deeper understanding of true content engagement and performance. More than 10,000 brands in 24 countries benefit from gShift’s software and data to optimize their time and improve the discoverability and engagement of their content. gShift placed 29th on the PROFIT HOT 50 and 82nd on the 2016 PROFIT 500.

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