gShift Labs SEO software offers marketers “Not Provided” Google Analytics Insight Report

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Security changes prevent 8-20% of organic keyword phrases from showing up in analytics reports – gShift’s SEO software provides solution

Toronto, ON – December 15, 2011 – gShift Labs, the creator of a patent-pending Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software system announced today a solution for marketers struggling to interpret organic search results in the wake of recent Google security changes. While making search more secure for end users, the Google SSL search encryption prevents 8-20% of organic keyword phrases from showing up in analytics reports that marketers depend on for managing SEO strategy.

Google Not Provided Keywords Insight Report

Google Not Provided Keywords Insight Report

In its update release today, gShift’s industry leading software, Web Presence Optimizer™ now equips users with automated filtering tools and page rank reports which, combined with Google Analytics, will provide insights into keywords currently “Not Provided.”

Users of Google Analytics have limited options to filter the (Not Provided) keywords. It is possible to see the “entry” or landing page from the (Not Provided) keyword, as well as the organic keyword phrases that are currently driving organic traffic to the page, from which some insight can be gained.

“This procedure is okay if you know how to use Google Analytics as you would need to add filters and advanced segments. This is not something that is completely at your finger tips—it also has some gaps,” says Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder and CEO, gShift Labs. “Our Google Not Provided Keyword Insight Report will provide marketers with the confidence that organic search is still the major way people discover your product or service.”

LaRiviere explains that certain keywords have not “dropped”—they are merely hidden inside the (Not Provided) category. Only using gShift’s SEO software can you understand the exact page that is ranking and for which keyword phrases. Based on the known keywords for which a web page ranks, gShift correlates keyword ranking data and goal conversions to provide deeper insight into a marketer’s (Not Provided) keywords.

“Many gShift users are agencies that love to use our SEO software to produce very clean and data-rich end of the month SEO reports,” says Chris Adams, Cofounder and CTO, gShift Labs. “As we learn from this initial insight report, gShift web presence experts will be looking at newer and better ways to crunch the statistical data so that we can uncover more insight and build that into our software.”

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gShift Labs provides SEO software for non-SEO professionals by giving marketers control over their organic search campaigns. Companies across North America are getting top organic ranking in search engines using gShift’s Web Presence Optimizer™ (WPO), which simplifies, demystifies and standardizes the way a website gets found on the internet. Organizations of all sizes benefit by reducing the time and resources required to analyze and improve organic search optimization. Winner of numerous technology awards, gShift is considered one of the hottest software innovation companies in Canada. For more information visit:

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