Mastering Smart URLs: A Content Marketer’s Guide to Tracking Off-Site Content

Marketers face challenges with regard to accurately measuring the engagement with and performance of their content; particularly their off-site content.

As content marketing continues to play a very large role for many organizations, distribution and tracking of content performance has become a primary concern. Marketers understand the need for content and brand messaging to exist and live beyond their own website, leading to a rise in social media and influencer marketing strategies.

smart URLs provide digital marketers the ability to optimize content and discoverability across the entire digital experience, both for off-site and on-site content. The data gained from smart URLs can drive better lead generation and prospecting for those consumers who are engaging outside the scope of your website.Mastering Smart URL Content Marketing Guide

In this guide, we cover:

  • The off-site challenge
  • What are smart URLs
  • Content tags, taxonomies and conversion paths
  • smart URLs and influencer marketing
  • dynamic content
  • and more