Social Media Marketing

Join the Conversation: Make the most of your social media channels.

Social channels are one of the best ways to humanize your brand and connect with your consumer base on a new level.

Consumers expect the brands they support to have an active presence on social media. It is no longer enough to provide an outstanding product or service. Consumers want to feel the brands they support share similar values and align with their overall lifestyle in a positive way. These expectations, along with the fast pace of technology, ongoing privacy concerns and internal resource bandwidth, marketing on social media can be intimidating.

gShift works with brands to create meaningful consumer engagement on social through storytelling and data-informed publishing. More importantly, gShift will provide strategic input and campaign development and management for paid social media marketing. A must on social platforms which are rapidly evolving into “pay to play” channels.

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gShift and Royal Nuts Raise Brand Awareness through Social Media Marketing:

Download the Royal Nuts case study to explore how effective social media marketing can make a huge difference for your brand.