SEO Quiz Answers!

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We will be drawing the winners of the five (5) mini website audits and one (1) full website audit on June 1st. Winners will be notified directly via email.


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Did you ace our SEO quiz?


  1. Mobile search results in Google can differ from desktop search results? – True! With Google’s latest algorithm change, the difference between search results on desktop versus mobile are increasing.
  2. What is the best way to build backlinks? – Creating relevant content worthy of socializing will always gain you the best traction for quality backlinks. These backlinks are genuine and help to build your linking profile and traffic from actual industry sources.
  3. What elements of an image are important for SEO? – Everything, starting with the filename before you even upload the image to your site. Take the opportunity to be descriptive and use relevant keywords in the filename, title, description, alt text and caption.
  4. Which of these is not a search engine? – Although Mashable has amazing content and can kill your office productivity, it is in fact, not a search engine.
  5. The quickest way to build organic website traffic is? – Establishing your authority on your desired topic by creating relevant, keyword-rich content your target audience will want to read, like and share is the best bet for increasing organic traffic. Although skywriting could be a lot of fun.


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