WEBINAR: Web Presence Analytics & Influencer Marketing – Better Together

Brands and agencies worldwide strive to simplify and execute on integrated digital marketing strategies from planning through to execution and reporting. gShift’s web presence analytics platform for SEO, Content and Social combined with InNetwork’s Influencer Marketing technology provide an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Join Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder & CEO, gShift with Chris Keevill, Cofounder & CEO, InNetwork as they describe the opportunities and benefits that exist by having SEO, Content Marketing and Influencer marketing data and reporting under one roof.

The webinar will take place Thursday, March 24th at 1 P.M. EST.

In this 45-minute webinar Krista and Chris will discuss:

  • what the gShift & InNetwork acquisition means for digital marketers
  • the importance of including Influencer Marketing in the digital marketing mix
  • the link between SEO data and Influencers
  • discoverability and audience development
  • influencer analytic, kontextURLs and reporting

Using Web Presence Analytics and Influencer Marketing Together