Content Strategy and Planning

Time engaged on a mobile phone has now surpassed time on the desktop and people now spend more time on digital devices than time spent watching in television.

Transforming the digital experience requires that we plan and execute in a new faster way. Designing the right routine requires sound planning and supporting data, which informs the planning process – web presence analytics provides the necessary foundation.

The following planning components will help with creating a framework of process and operational alignment. gShift’s workshop planning process is designed around the business needs of our clients. Our deliverable can include:

Social Channel Strategy

– Create an executive plan and structure it as a business case which defines success.

Engagement Model

– Map channels, by audience and routine to build an agile engagement routine.

Governance Framework

– Establish new sign-off procedures to ensure your team can react quickly.

Community Management Board

– The board will help to define messaging, audience strategies and amplify success.

Engagement Training

– It is a new approach. Coach the team on how to listen, write and create relevant content.

Content Strategy

– Ensure alignment of content creation with business outcomes are tied to audience needs.

Listening Tools and Framework

– Stay abreast of the latest tools and ways to increase data richness

Measurement Framework and Analytics

– Optimize reporting to always provide the best insights available.

We’d be delighted to have one of our strategists share more on our process, proprietary tools and content marketing experience.