Content Engagement Reporting for Brand Marketers

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Content marketing has become the most significant part of the marketing mix and is showing no signs of slowing down. However, marketers often still struggle to really define their ROI.

The primary challenge facing many organizations is the lack of understanding of what they should be tracking in the first place. As content marketing has continued its growth and popularity, the technology used to track and measure performance has exploded. Marketers now have hundreds of different data points they can be looking at around one piece of content, but not all metrics are created equal.

Content Engagement Reporting Guide for Brand Marketers from gShiftIn this guide, we cover:

  • The Content Engagement Reporting Challenge
  • The New Landscape of Content Distribution and Discoverability
  • Content Reports: What Really Matters?
  • Why You Need to be Using Smart URLs for Content Reporting
  • Sample Content Engagement Report