Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are at the core of all SEO and Content Marketing strategies. Understanding the keywords your prospects are using that represent and describe your brand’s products and services, requires on-going keyword research. gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform contains seven sources of keyword research data at your fingertips providing you with the best opportunity to understand keywords to capitalize on.   gShift’s unique Keyword KlustersTM functionality allows you to group similar keywords for easier reporting.

gShift’s Seven sources of keyword research include:

  1. Social Keyword Research
  2. Related Searches
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Webmaster Tools
  5. Search Volume
  6. Not Provided Insights
  7. Anchor Text

This gShift Client Success video shows talks about leveraging gShift Keyword Research tools and other strategic resources to facilitate your discovery process. Build content on higher volume, targeted keywords that convert!