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At gShift, we work closely with brand digital marketers and digital marketing agencies, to provide them the comprehensive insight they need to effectively manage their SEO, content and social web presence. It has always been our passion to create forward-thinking technology; to answer the questions marketers are just beginning to ask.

With this passion in mind, we are proud to announce the acquisition of InNetwork Inc., an influencer marketing technology platform, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We continually hear marketers express the need for consolidation of the numerous technologies they have to use. The integration of our two companies’ platforms provides digital agencies and brands with a unique marketing technology suite for planning, optimizing, amplifying and reporting on content marketing strategies and investments.

Our two teams have been working together for some time and are already having collaborative sales conversations. In these discussions, our customers are telling us how much they need this now and how they anticipate greater success in their digital marketing campaigns as a result of having data and insights in one place.

“Marketers want to login to one platform where they will be able to see all the data they need in one place,” says Chris Keevill, Cofounder & CEO of InNetwork, Inc.

Bringing gShift and InNetwork together enables organizations to better integrate the use of influencers into their SEO, content and social strategies. With the addition of our smart URL system, kontextURLs, brands also gain insight into the Dark Funnel, showing true engagement of off-site content by channel and influencer.

Both teams are very excited to be bringing the platforms together and to be sharing a wealth of knowledge and skill sets in the process.

“I am asked by stakeholders of both InNetwork and gShift, how will we bring the organizations and the technology together?” says Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder & CEO of gShift. “The answer is we are already working together. Our teams already deliver client contracts and the technologies were built properly from the ground up, making software integration relatively seamless. In fact, Phase One of our integration is complete. Now our roadmaps will accelerate in the same direction benefiting all of our clients. This will allow for innovation in data acquisition, including kontextURLs, workflow, reporting and so much more. This acquisition makes complete sense for both gShift’s and InNetwork’s customers. We understand the dynamics between influencer marketing, social and search. We are passionate about helping brands recognize and leverage it as well.”

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gShift’s customer base now has access to influencer marketing capabilities and InNetwork’s customer base has access to gShift’s web presence data, smart URL technology and reporting. Join a webinar “Web Presence Analytics & Influencer Marketing – Better Together” on Thursday, March 24 at 1 P.M. ET to learn more.

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Krista LaRiviere and Chris Keevill sat down at the gShift office to discuss the acquisition and why they know bringing SEO and Influencer Marketing together in one platform is a solution digital marketers need. Watch now:

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