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Life at gShift: Building a Ferrari of Sales Team

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I’ve always appreciated fast cars. I wasn’t one of those kids that had pictures ripped out of magazines and posted all over my room, but I am certainly part of the crowd that pauses for an extended glance every time I see a Ferrari parked on the side of the street.

To me, it is not the flawless mechanics of the engine, the renowned emblem on the hood, or the roar of the engine that captures my attention, but rather the curiosity of what is behind the car; an inquisitiveness of the owner’s story and what went into the vehicle to make it is what it is today.

Building the Ferrari of Sales Teams with gShift SEO

I hold that same curiosity when looking at organizations that have seemingly well-oiled sales engines. I can only think that it didn’t start out like it is now and I am always interested in the story behind a sales team.

I’ve come to subscribe to the thought that, much like a Ferrari, it is the engineering at the core of performance. I have yet to come across a sales organization performing at its highest level without having the structure of the organization engineered to support it. In our world, as a growth SaaS company, allowing different roles to focus on specific tasks is paramount to our performance as a company.

Our Business Development Team works closely with our marketing organization to build out new contacts and qualify conversations before engaging sales. Our sales team is focused on managing new business sales cycles, which are the fuel of growth for our company. Our Customer Success Team is focused on ensuring our customers realize the full value they can obtain from our platform, and our Renewals Team is focused on managing the contract renewal process with our clients.

These focused roles allow us to give our customers the appropriate and focused attention at any stage of their journey. They also allow us to look at metrics, which provide a much more detailed insight into areas that require attention to continue our growth trajectory. With this sales organization being engineered as it is, it serves as a foundation to optimize performance.

My goal is to create the Ferrari of sales organizations here at gShift, but much like the owner of that Ferrari, the opportunity to drive such a vehicle often takes time. When I ponder what that owner’s story might be, I can only assume that a Ferrari was not their first vehicle. They progressed, and with success, were able to continually upgrade that vehicle, to get them in the envious ride they are in now!

While there is no massive secret to the structure that optimizes performance in a SaaS sales environment, the reality is that it takes time and requires continual evolution need to end up in Ferrari. Another reality is that it doesn’t happen without the vision and the conviction to start toward that goal.

At gShift, we have begun our journey toward the goal of driving a Ferrari by engineering the foundational structure of our organization. Our vision is validated not only by emulating the engineering of SaaS organizations at large brands such as but also through the mentorship from companies like Skaled, who we have had the good fortune to cross paths with through the CTA program in NYC.

While we understand the continual need for optimization and refinement, I am very proud of the strides we have taken to build our gShift Ferrari!

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