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EContent Magazine 2014 Trendsetting ProductsEContent,Magazine  the leading B2B publication on digital publishing, media and marketing, delivering trend and strategy analysis has named gShift to its list of Trendsetting Products of 2014. The full list of “tools aiming to help publishers deal with data, manage the total web experience” can be found here.

The trend at gShift is growth in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. Its mission is to deliver content marketing performance metrics from SEO, social and mobile sources.

“We are very excited about the eContent announcement, as we have made significant investments in our Web Presence Analytics platform to align our insights and reporting data with the needs of the modern content and search marketer,” says gShift Co-Founder and CEO, Krista LaRiviere. “Our innovative Not Provided and Social Keyword Research Modules, which reveal valuable keywords no longer provided by Google and enable near real-time keyword research via Twitter, are two reasons for we’ve been recognized. Our keyword data obtained from seven sources, informs the content marketing workflow process for smarter content and enhanced brand discoverability in search, social and mobile.”

“gShift brings a differentiated perspective to the challenge,” says LaRiviere.  “My previous start-up experience was with was a CMS business called Hot Banana Software, which we sold to Lyris in 2006. Our roots are in content.”

gShift allows agencies and brand marketers to monitor their entire web presence, their competition, drive discoverability, report on performance and increase conversion of their web traffic. Modern marketers need to have access to the data from these and other sources to successfully scale their multi-channel, content marketing campaigns.

“Our focus has been on building a methodology and software around smart content strategy and routines to drives engagement for agencies and brands,” says Chris Adams, gShift’s Co-Founder and CTO. “Internet adoption is only in its first quarter and we are planning to be an important part of the modern marketer’s daily analytics routine.”

gShift was also recently named to the Branham300 of Top Canadian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies for the 3rd time.

About gShift

gShift’s industry leading Web Presence Analytics platform helps Brand and Agency teams efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of a company’s content across its web presence. gShift’s software infrastructure has been crawling and collecting web presence data since 2009. More than 10,000 brands in 22 countries benefit from gShift’s insight data and software as they optimize their time to improve the discoverability and the sharing of their content. gShift placed 29th on the PROFIT HOT 50 of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies.

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Malcolm MacGregor
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Phone: 604-809-6575

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