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Life at gShift: Why I Left Salesforce to Work for gShift

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Over the past two months, I’ve often been asked why I made the decision to leave one of the industry’s leading, fastest growing tech companies for a small tech start-up….and while it may seem like a hard decision for some to fathom, I have not regretted it for a minute so far!

While some crave the teams and security a large company can provide, I’ve come to appreciate the element of fun and adventure a smaller company with big dreams has to offer. My morning coffee craving has been replaced with excitement surrounding the vision of where we are taking the technology, the value our technology can provide companies of all sizes and how I am a part of the process.

The gShift Team, July 2015

I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic and camaraderie of a team within a larger company, but have quickly come to understand with a smaller organization, the company is the team. Despite the absence of lavish spiffs and a luxurious office environment, everyone is willing to help at the drop of a hat, however they can, to move the company forward in the right direction.

This feeling brings me back to my competitive hockey days and having the motivation to bring your best every day, so you don’t let your teammates down. I know they are doing the same and understand we all have the same end goal of winning together!

As with all start-ups, there are challenges. There are always more things to do than there are hours in the day. There are always more things we could spend money on with bigger budgets. There are always more roadmap visions I wish were realities in our product today. However, one constant, is my excitement to be a part of what we are doing at gShift and the opportunities which lie ahead.

I am excited about building out a world-class sales and marketing team who can share in the ride along with us all and be the front line of execution to bring this company to the amazing places it can go.

Speaking of places we can go, this was shot at my first team offsite day with gShift…an exciting start and it hasn’t slowed down since.

To see how you may fit into our growing team, visit our careers page.

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