Web Consulting

Building a new website or wanting to improve your current website’s structure?

One of the most common misconceptions is that SEO is implemented after a website is designed and built. To create a successful website, SEO should be a part of the complete web development process. Web development powered by a strong SEO foundation ensures your website performs on search engines. The development process provides the perfect opportunity to integrate current SEO best practices from the site’s foundation – while also creating the best positive user experience for conversion optimization.

If a website disappears from search after a redesign, nobody is happy. That’s why using an SEO consultant throughout the web development process is instrumental to a successful site launch. Our team will help ensure that any changes you make to your site will not compromise the integrity of your website’s discoverability. We will explore the best content structure for your new website that will get you the traffic and conversions your company is looking for.

Our main goal is to create a website structure that will organize all information where:

  • Information is clear, easily accessible and natural to navigate for customers and search bots
  • Content is unique and valuable
  • The website is designed to amplify SEO

We start by conducting a deep analysis of your current website analytics to leverage insights about current customer behaviours on your website. Our team of SEO experts know how to analyze organic search engine metrics to take your website to the next level. While no SEO expert can guarantee top search engine placement or overnight success, the right process and the right SEO strategies can provide real results. Reaching page one position in Search Engines requires a combination of strong website design, on-page optimization and a well planned digital marketing campaign that is tactfully executed.

We believe in the power of good SEO, which is why we have built our business around SEO and the hard work we invest on every new project we take on.

Our SEO Consulting Process and Breakdown of Services:

Discovery & Benchmark

At the start of any SEO project we begin by understanding your business, your existing online presence, your competitors, and your objectives. This provides us with an opportunity for all parties to become familiar with each other and for gShift to get a deeper understanding of tone / limitations / expectations / goals for your business.

gShift will perform a full Benchmark report to capture the state of your website for rankings, traffic, authority, and keyword discoverability. All critical data for each social media channel are captured within this benchmark report. This data is critical to assessing the performance of the gShift services program in relation to where we started.

Initial Keyword Research

In order to properly optimize your website we have to start at the most critical phase, Keyword Research. We look at your existing website, your competitors’ websites, historical keyword reports, keywords you are currently tracking, keywords you are currently being found for, and keywords you want to be found for. The result is a list of opportunity keywords that we employ in your website sitemap and content.

Strategically Designed Site Architecture Mapping

In our site mapping process we strategically assign keyword groups to a specific piece of content on your website. This helps us define the website information architecture and creates a roadmap for content. At the development stage, it’s so important to address all critical foundational SEO elements for building your site to ensure success. We provide optimized URLs, strategic linking structure, optimized content, etc. We also make sure important Search Engine page rank algorithms are met and important elements like mobile optimization, social share triggers, and schema markup are properly leveraged within your new website build.

Usability & User Experience

It is so important to make Information clear, easily accessible and natural to navigate for your new website users. If you want to create a high converting site, which impacts your bottom line, it is crucial to have clear calls to action on every page to help manage behavioural flow. Upon initial entry on your site it needs to be clear what products or services you offer. We also look at navigation and silo structure to determine how users will flow through your new website.

Content & On-Page Optimization

Once content is ready for your new website, we will optimize each page or post. This includes, but is not limited to, content updates, creation of meta titles and meta descriptions, headings optimization, adding appropriate links, etc. Keyword optimization will always be imperative to search engine optimization, getting your website content found online, and getting people sharing.

Website Platform (CMS) Recommendations and Setup

gShift will work with your preferred web developer to ensure the appropriate set up your WordPress website to support your current and future SEO efforts. We’ll provide guidance on the theme used, the platform used, plugin recommendations, and even configure settings to help you succeed.

Post Launch Site Audit

We know that we are the SEO experts that’s why we leave website design to the website design firms of the world. We enjoy working alongside your chosen web design vendor throughout the web build process to ensure your website’s SEO technical infrastructure is all in order. From URLs structure, to properly configured Data tracking, we’ve got your back.

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