SEO Site Audit

What is a Technical SEO Site Audit?

Our technical site audit will give you an in-depth health check of your current web presence, bringing to light any deficiencies and opportunities. Our audit helps create a blueprint for your ongoing SEO tactical plan to ensure you maximize your web presences discoverability.  We also look at the technical infrastructure of your website, your site’s on-page elements and off-page presence to optimize your web presence’s search engine visibility, usability and conversions.

Our technical site audit goes beyond the superficial free audits out there. This audit is performed manually by the gShift’s team of digital experts using soft-eye techniques to identify any issues or opportunities for improved SEO success. The audit also includes the use of our exclusive site crawler to do a full crawl of all the data on your site. This data is then analyzed by our SEO experts to pick out and assess patterns within your website database.

Advantages of a Technical SEO Site Audit:

  • Improve on-page SEO
  • Determine page load speed weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • Identify search engine indexation issues
  • Assess off-site competition
  • Discover your social media marketing opportunities
  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Enhance website usability
  • Focus and map out your SEO strategy