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Influencer marketing is all about finding the right influencers for your campaign. By properly vetting your influencers, you are ensuring your campaign will be successful.

Download your FREE Influencer Profile template to help you select your roster of influencers.

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Download the Free Influencer Profile Template

This template will help you

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More About the Influencer Profile Template

  • Help focus your campaign
  • Get a bird’s eye view of  your perspective inflencers
  • See your influencer’s entire online presence on one page
  • Compare your influencers against one another to determine your priorities

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the hottest trends in the digital marketing space right now. Brands are beginning to incorporate an Influencer Marketing Strategy with both their traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing is all about finding people who have influence over your key demographic, and working with them to promote your business or product. The concept behind this marketing strategy is not new, but with bloggers and social media users reaching celebrity level status, brands are moving their strategies online.

You don’t need Kim Kardashian as an influencer, you just need the Kim Kardashian of your world.

Logan Miller, gShift Influencer Marketing Lead