Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about finding people who have influence over your key demographic and working with them to promote your North Paw case study Adbusiness or product. The concept behind this marketing strategy is not new, but with bloggers and social media users reaching celebrity level status, brands are moving their strategies online.

gShift’s in-house, full-service influencer marketing agency helps brands develop and manage your influencer marketing campaigns. Our team of specialists help guide your brand through a campaign from A to Z, or the specific phases you need support in. Whether it’s defining your goals and strategy, engaging influencers or reporting on a campaign’s effectiveness, you can leverage gShift’s experts to ensure your campaign runs smoothly.

Influencer Strategy Module

If influencer marketing is new to you, and you’re looking for some guidance on how to start, let our team of savvy strategists help. Our team will review your campaign and brand strategy with you and develop a recommended strategy of how influencers can add value to your efforts and get you started on the right path!

Roster Development Module

Not sure what to look for in an influencer? Don’t have the time to build a custom roster? Have a unique influencer need? Our team can help. Our strategists will spend time reviewing your strategy and building custom influencer rosters aligning to the goals of your campaign, saving you the time and uncertainty of selecting the right influencers to get the most out of your campaign.

Engage & Execute Module

Don’t have the resources to engage and execute this arm of a campaign? Our digital services team is experienced in working with influencers through all steps of a campaign. From initial engagement, campaign briefs and execution, to compensation communication; let us help take the work out of managing an influencer campaign.

Conversion Module

Influencer marketing is becoming a critical component of a brand’s marketing mix. But, until now, it’s been difficult to measure the success of influencer marketing and evaluate the efforts of influencers in your overall marketing budget and expected ROI.

With our onsite and offsite tracking, you will be able to gain insights into how all content is performing in search and the impact each channel and influencer is truly having on the campaign.

We can even go so far as to telling you the effectiveness of each influencer so we can make better use of your budget.

This module will allow for you to make precise decisions based on the ROI of your campaign.