Free Influencer Prospecting Profile

While someone with thousands of followers can certainly build awareness, it is the Influencers with the right audience for your brand who will drive engagement. Ensure you are working with the best Influencers by leveraging our free Influencer Prospecting Profile.

This template will help you:
Focus your campaign
Compare your Influencers
Visualize level of influence

Once your Influencer campaign is in market, kontexturls provide complete visibility to audience engagement and content performance. Your brand owns all campaign data and can track performance in real time – confirm who your top Influencers are and effectively maximize Influencer marketing ROI.

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Use the Influencer Prospecting Template to:

  • Help focus your campaign
  • Get a bird’s eye view of prospective Influencers
  • See your Influencer’s entire online presence on one page
  • Compare your influencers against one another to determine your priorities

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing has become one of the hottest digital marketing trends as more and more consumers trust third party recommendations vs brand communications. Leveraging Influencers provides the opportunity to break through with an audience that traditional marketing may not reach.

Working with Influencers to generate and share content related to your product or service can help boost brand awareness, brand trust and ultimately, lead to higher conversions. While it will not fully replace more traditional marketing channels, influencer campaigns are absolutely an effective way to maximize your digital marketing dollars.

You don’t need Kim Kardashian as an influencer, you just need the Kim Kardashian of your world.

Logan Miller, gShift Influencer Marketing Lead