Digital Marketing Service

We are search engine consultants and we take your search engine discoverability very seriously. The first step to effective search engine optimization strategy is to make sure you’ve got a web page optimization and that your website is in good health. Once we’ve established that you’ve got a solid foundation, we will help you come up with an effective digital marketing strategy that will streamline your efforts and maximize your ROI.

Digital marketing activities include: strategy development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), keyword research and abstracts, and competitor analysis.

Discovery Session & Digital Marketing Strategy

An in-depth discovery session is the first step in developing an effective digital marketing strategy. Our discovery sessions are tailored to your business needs. We can’t deliver great results without first identifying your objectives, your audience and the challenges your business needs to overcome.

After the discovery session, a digital marketing strategy will be developed. This comprehensive document will be used as the driving factor behind all digital activities. It will include a tactical plan that describes the activities involved in accomplishing specific digital marketing objectives within a set time frame.

Audit & Benchmark

gShift’s site audit will provide you with an in-depth health check of your current web presence, bringing to light any deficiencies and will suggest improvements to maximize discoverability.

This is a combination of analysis and insights across 34 value-added presence components including:

  • SEO content
  • Architecture
  • Indexing
  • Backlink analysis with competitive insights
  • Blog content with competitive insights
  • Appearance and usability
  • Social media with competitive insights
  • Tracking

Along with the comprehensive website audit, we will perform a full benchmark report to capture the state of your website for rankings, traffic, authority, and keyword discoverability. All critical data for each social media channel are captured within this benchmark report.

SEO Hygiene

SEO hygiene will ensure a solid foundation for your website. Our on page SEO services include optimized page titles, meta descriptions, H1’s, H2’s (where applicable), alt text, and content optimization to ensure best practices are followed to increase search discoverability for multiple keywords.

A deep-level keyword research will also be performed to ensure that implementations align with the most favorable and powerful keywords.

gShift will examine and provide implementation for:

Initial items

  • Silo Structure
  • Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and H1’s
  • Ensuring GA is properly set up with Goals & Tags implemented plus targeting and integration with Search Console
  • Configure and set up Google Search Console and review for major errors
  • Fetch and Render + Sitemap submission within Google Search Console
  • Audit recommendation implementation on website + Review of SEO Plugin settings

Ongoing items:

  • 301 mapping for new website and 404 monitoring
  • Website improvement review/optimizations to improve SEO visibility

Keyword Research & Keyword Abstracts

Through keyword research, we will identify, optimize and track keywords that your key audience may be using to find your products or services.

Keyword ranking opportunities will be segmented into three categories:

  • Existing tracked keywords that are actionable and can move the needle
  • Keywords where the ranking challenge is a mountain
  • New keywords that aren’t currently the client focus but sourced from related searches, competitive insight, social insights

The keyword abstract will provide a framework for content generation around targeted keywords that will help rank your site and increase traffic.

Keyword Abstracts consist of:

  • Keywords that the target content should speak to which consists of a primary keyword and 4 – 6 secondary keywords
  • Content title and 2-3 questions that content should answer
  • Meta data and header information
  • Context, what page(s) this proposed abstract is targeted to improve authority for
  • External references – high authority pages that should be linked to within the content to increase authority and relevance of the generated content within your site.

Competitor Analysis

A competitive analysis will assess your competitor’s online strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities. Based on the findings, gShift will develop and implement search engine optimization strategies and tactics to maximize your strengths and improve your competitive advantage.

Off Site SEO

Off site SEO strategies can include the following tactics:

  • Execution and distribution of content from the content marketing plan.
  • Article curation to find opportunities to build authority through providing value-added comments to relevant discussions.
  • Creation of web 2.0 and other profiles/accounts to enable high power authority backlink to your website.
  • Citations / Directory listing creation to help build your local presence.