VELUX Canada: Campaign Monitoring with kurls

"kurls content engagement tracking helped us to evaluate our marketing campaigns, influencers, channels and EVEN our agency to make BETTER business decisions. We've been able to spend our budget in the right channels with the right messaging working with the right people."

Arethea Harris, National Marketing and Communications Manager

Using kurls to Measure Engagement Across all Channels

VELUX is the world’s leader in skylights, Sun Tunnels and roof windows and is one of the strongest global brands in the building materials sector. Their product program includes The No Leak Skylight, Sun Tunnels and roof windows; complemented by a complete range of blinds, installation solutions and intelligent home controls. Recommended and preferred by builders, architects, merchants and consumers, VELUX continues to lead the way for quality and innovation. VELUX Canada’s primary marketing goal is to maximize brand awareness and measure engagement with its products and distributors across online and offline channels including email, social media, website retargeting, online trade magazines, print campaigns, exhibits and its corporate websites. Furthermore, the marketing team at VELUX wanted to measure beyond impressions and was having difficulty measuring the overall effectiveness and of each of its channels / vendors, particularly in relation to one another. gShift was tasked with helping solve this problem using kurls to measure engagement across all channels.

How We Did It

The first step of the process was to understand the scope of VELUX’s marketing campaigns (i.e. campaigns, channels, vendors, audience (B2B vs. B2C) and content types) in order to create a content tag structure which would enable them to effectively filter the engagement data they would be collecting. VELUX also obtained unique, branded domains for each of their campaigns to build awareness and consistency. Then unique, branded kurls were created for each campaign, channel, content type and/or vendor combination and distributed accordingly. An overall content performance dashboard was created along with individually focused campaign dashboards detailing engagement by campaign, individual piece of content, vendor, content type, channel, geography, audience and device type. These dashboards enable the VELUX team to monitor campaign performance, in real-time, and adjust tactics to maximize engagement  accordingly.


kurls have provided VELUX with insights in three key areas:

  • Better able to evaluate offsite activity beyond just awareness and impressions.
  • Better sense of how campaigns are performing and ability to monitor/measure agency and partner effectiveness.
  • Better able to evaluate social  channels i.e. which messaging is working in which channels.