SunFlow Solar Pairs Traditional and Digital for Success

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gShift and SunFlow band together to increase awareness about the Ontario microFIT program through consistent messaging across all marketing channels.

SunFlow Solar provides complete solar solutions for residents of Ontario who share their commitment to a cleaner environment and want to earn an income by investing in solar. When company president Mike McCann learned that Ontario’s microFIT program was ending December 2017, he knew his window of opportunity for sales was narrowing. The company had been advertising on traditional marketing channels, like radio and print, but not seeing the conversions they were hoping for. Although slightly skeptical of digital marketing, he reached out to gShift with the challenge of attaining as many leads as possible within a short 6-month time period. gShift accepted and met the challenge with a level of success that went well beyond the company’s expectations.

How We Did It

gShift knew that the urgency of the message required an Integrated Marketing Campaign. We needed a simple-to-understand, yet powerful message that would resonate with the primary audience and move them to immediate action. By keeping it consistent across all marketing channels—both traditional and digital—we could reduce confusion, build trust, and effectively alert the audience to apply to the microFIT program with SunFlow Solar before the impending deadline.

Strategy Development (Key Messaging)

Working with SunFlow Solar, gShift uncovered the primary target audience, and identified when and where they could be found on both traditional and digital marketing channels. gShift developed targeted key messaging that differentiated SunFlow Solar from the competition, demonstrated the value of solar, and communicated a sense of urgency.

Website Landing Pages

gShift developed a landing page with a call to action to capture leads. The content and imagery on both the landing page and SunFlow Solar website reflected key messaging both in substance and style. The landing page and website imagery and messaging were updated throughout the campaign to reflect subtle changes made to the core message as a result of data insights, seasonal changes, and program deadline.

Paid Social Campaigns & Social Media

PPC and paid social campaigns were used throughout the campaign to target specific geo locations and audiences. Together they generated 512 leads. SunFlow Solar found it hard to keep up!

Email Marketing Campaigns

gShift led an email marketing campaign during the Fall, Summer and final month to apply using targeted key messaging, as well as a referral campaign. The email campaigns were successful, with a 30.3% open rate and a click-through rate of 8.45%.

What Else is Included
  • SEO and Keywords
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Paid Ads and Retargeting
  • Program Management and Reporting
  • On-Going Data Insights
  • Consulting on Traditional Media
  • 412 Leads Generated from Facebook
  • 100 Leads Generated from PPC
  • 30.3% SunFlow Email Open Rate

The Integrated Marketing Campaign was a huge success, gShift exceeded sales target expectations by 657%! By the end of the campaign gShift generated over 512 leads, and had an email open rate above the industry standard (20%). The campaign out performed all expectations, and met every challenge set.