North Paw Spreads Their Love For Dogs and The Quality of Their Dog Food

National Financial Services Brand with Multiple Local Presences

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North Paw is a new brand of dog food that was looking to grow both their brand awareness, and sales in
Toronto and Atlantic Canada through influencer marketing.

They wanted to let their new audience know that they care about their dogs as much as they do, by offering a healthy, grain-free kibble. The pet food market is already heavily saturated with many competitors, so it’s simply not enough to have a great product that speaks for itself. You need to find other people to speak about your product, and vouch for the quality.

With the quick rise of canine “celebrities” on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, enlisting their help through influencer marketing was the natural way for North Paw to make a splash. North Paw’s marketing agency, Colour, came to us to help manage this campaign. We worked with the agency to determine the details of the campaign, from budget to deliverables. Since we had a goal to
increase both brand awareness and sales, it was determined that our influencers would be offering
their followers a discount coupon for a bag of dog food.

We then recruited a group of Canada’s most adorably influential dogs and dog walkers with followers
within the target demographic. Upon successful negotiations we began the campaign management. Through the use of kontextURLs, our proprietary conversion tracking URL, we were able to
measure the success and ROI of each influencer to determine the effectiveness of each.

By the end of the campaign, our influential canines shared content that achieved above industry
standards for engagement, and resulted in a large amount of downloaded coupons, all within the
target demographic.

This campaign was successful in achieving the goals of the overall campaign, and both North Paw and Colour were pleased with the results. The owners of our influencers all had a great time being involved with the campaign and have even become brand advocates for North Paw.