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National Big Box Retailer e-Commerce Site

We had to monitor such a high volume of keywords, most SEO platforms proved to be too expensive.

As the Head of SEO for a large online retailer, I need to be able to effectively monitor thousands of keywords and pieces of content in Google at a National, Local and Mobile level in order to quickly identify potential visibility/traffic opportunities and threats. There is also significant value in being able to compare keyword position data at all three levels. A majority of these keywords must be tracked daily or in the case of some seasonal campaigns even hourly at the local and mobile level, while it is sufficient to monitor others on a weekly or monthly basis.

gShift readily provides the flexibility to accommodate our need for varied data refresh rates. Further, gShift’s pricing structure for high volume keyword users enabled us to save up to 80% on monitoring costs relative to our previous SEO reporting vendor; savings we’ve already earmarked for additional data and ROI analysis activities.

Simply put, after thorough due diligence, we determined gShift offers the industry’s best enterprise keyword data at the best price.