kurls Analytics Powers Multi-Channel Campaign


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“The gShift kURL technology provided our team with an unrivaled ability to track the customer journey, online and off, from initial campaign touch points to conversion. With actionable data provided in real-time, countless reporting hours were saved using the platform, and spend across channels was optimized to maximize our goal completion."

Kyle McTaggart, Marketing & Media Coordinator Chapman’s Ice Cream


    Chapman’s Ice Cream is Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer and an iconic Canadian family- based brand focused on delivering high quality, affordable products. To celebrate their 45th Anniversary, Chapman’s decided to launch a multi-channel campaign promoting its real ice cream and offering a coupon for $1 off their original 2L product.

    Consumers were guided to a campaign website at Chapmans45years.ca where they could fill out a form to receive their coupon via traditional snail mail. Links to the campaign website and coupon request form were shared via the following channels: Print (Magazine), TV, Radio, Email (Chapman’s opted-in list of 100,000+ subscribers), Facebook (Paid and Organic), Instagram (Paid and Organic), Twitter (Organic), YouTube (Organic) and via a QR Code/branded URL in- cluded on Chapman’s flagship 2L Vanilla Ice Cream packaging.

    Having never offered a coupon to a national audience before, the marketing team at Chapman’s were very keen to measure the overall effectiveness of this campaign and compare specific aspects like channels, content types and creative themes from both an engagement and conversion perspective.



    The challenge presented in running any multi-channel campaign is having to gather, analyze, gain insights, take action and then report on performance based on data obtained from multiple sources, each of which may measure engagement differently. In many offline channels, there is little or no way to obtain engagement data at all. Further, it becomes even more difficult to attribute not only engagement, but conversion, to any specific channels.


    gShift’s Smart URL solution, kurls, were used to track, attributes and report on engagement (clicks, visits) and conversions across multiple parameters including channels, content types, creative themes, geographies, device types and languages. gShift provided a single source of consistent engagement and conversion data upon which Chapman’s marketing team could rely to make real-time and future campaign optimization decisions.

    Further, Natural Language Understanding, powered by IBM Watson, was used to analyze kurled landing page content and identify relevant, high-value keywords to be used consistently throughout online and offline campaign messaging



    The first step was to understand the full scope of the 45th Anniversary Campaign (i.e. channels, creative themes, content types, languages) in order to create a content tag structure which would enable Chapman’s marketing team to effectively filter the engagement data they would be collecting. Chapman’s also secured a unique, branded domain (chapmans45.ca) for brand recognition and consistency.

    Nearly 80 unique, branded kurls were created for each channel, content type, theme and/or language combination and distributed accordingly. Visitor conversion paths were defined from originally posted kurls through to a common Thank You page following a landing page form submission. The Thank You page was tracked by replacing an image source URL with a gShift kurl.

    The following focused dashboards were created to monitor performance:

    • An overall content performance dashboard to track and compare engagement / performance by geography, individual piece of content, content type, channel, theme and device type. These dashboards enable the Chapman’s marketing team to monitor campaign performance, in real-time, and adjust tactics to maximize engagement accordingly.

    • Multiple conversion path Dashboards broken down by theme to compare which themes and/or channels were delivering conversions.



    Chapman’s established several KPIs, which they were effectively able to monitor and measure what was working and what wasn’t working in the campaign including:

    1. Which channels saw the highest/lowest engagement?

    2. Which content type drove the most engagement?

    3. Which content and/or channel(s) drove the highest conversion rates?

    4. Which themes/creative (Lumberjack, Basketball, Real ID, Real Hair) were the most/least popular across channels?

    5. Which geographic markets generated the most engagement?

    6. Which devices (desktop vs. mobile) was the majority of Chapman’s audience engaging on and what impact, if any, did the channel have on devices?

    In total, after four months the campaign generated:

    • Nearly 75,000 visits and 175,000 pageviews.

    • 61,000+ English and French coupon requests with the bulk attributed to Email (7,309), Chapman’s Website banners (5,968), Facebook Paid Ads (5,565) and Facebook Organic posts (2,080).

    Overall, kurls provided the following benefits:

    • Significant marketing hours saved accessing data within one dashboard versus via individual platforms.

    • Transparency of the customer journey in terms of both engagement and conversion by channel, including offline, which had never been accomplished previously by Chapman’s.

    • Engagement and conversion generated through product packaging (145 conversions) and organic Instagram posts (20 conversions). While not significant numbers, these are previously untapped channels and potential for future opportunity.

    • On-the-fly optimization, particularly with television ads. Though consumer complaints were the primary cause for consideration, Chapman’s was able to adjust the ratio of ad distribution across networks based on the kurl reported engagement with each of the TV spots. Thus, a larger portion of the TV spend was allocated to the best performing commercials (i.e. Lumberjack and Basketball themes) based on the objective of driving site traffic and conversion.