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“gShift has really helped us to continue to grow, since we now have more time to dedicate to customers”Nick Fitzgerald, President of Online Marketing

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Foremost Media builds client trust with gShift’s platform

Foremost Media Inc. is a rapidly growing web development company in Janesville, Wisconsin. Primarily focused on custom web design, search engine optimization and online advertising, Foremost Media has grown exponentially in the last fives years with clients worldwide.

One of the biggest challenges the agency had been facing was ensuring they always had the right data for their clients in a rapidly changing digital environment. The collection of this data from multiple sources also made it difficult to be as efficient as they wanted to be and impacted how reports were presented.

“Until we met and started working with gShift, one problem we had was it took a lot of manual work in order to get the same sort of information to our clients,” commented Nick Fitzgerald, President of Online Marketing at Foremost Media. “Companies like Google and the other search engines, for instance, don’t like to give their data away freely.”

With the addition of gShift’s platform, the Foremost team found they were able to free up time in the collection and presentation of data. This enables them to reallocate some of the time they previously spent finding data to quality control. As a result, Foremost has been able to provide a better quality product to their customers, increasing their search rankings and improving their ads online, even better than before.

It’s about building trust with vendor partners and clients.

“We’ve been able to improve our overall quality. Increasing our quality has had a tremendous impact on our clients. We’ve seen an increase in retention as a result. Our retention is up about 10% with our clients ever since we started using gShift,” Nick added.

Foremost Media is an agency which believes in partnering with people versus just having a vendor and client contract. The success of the Foremost and gShift partnership has really improved client trust for their team, which has also carried over into the relationship between our two companies.

Having the client trust us isv paramount in any business and Foremost has been able to continue to build the same trust with their clients through accurate data and comprehensive reporting using gShift. Providing these meaningful results has really helped Foremost continue to grow.

“gShift really treats us like a partner and not just a vendor.” says Nick. “I get a quick response from people over there; they really feel like a small company, even though I know they are growing at a rapid rate too.”

Overall, these interactions make for a great relationship for everyone involved.

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