SEO Reporting – Increase Productivity and Earn a 89% ROI

National Financial Services Brand with Multiple Local Presences

Fuel Digital Agency is a mid-sized, full-service digital marketing agency located in the U.S.

They provide SEO, social media, content marketing and paid search strategies to small-to mid-sized brands focusing primarily on professional services businesses including doctors offices, dentists, chiropractors and eye doctors.

Their VP of Operations, who is responsible for the overall success of clients and their contracts, started noticing patterns with inefficiencies in their business operations especially related to SEO processes and reporting.

“As our client base grew to over 250 clients, we were spending way too much time compiling our clients’ end-of-month reports. Sometimes we were not able to deliver a compelling accurate report to the client until Week 3 of the next month! I had to solve the problem, as not only were we not providing timely value, it was costing the business too much in labor. ”

Fuel Agency found gShift and its Web Presence Analytics Platform for SEO, Content and Influencer Marketing.

“From the moment we interacted with gShift they were informative and responsive. They understood our business and our challenges right away.”

Fuel Agency experienced gShift’s Customer Success Services for Onboarding and Training over a two-week period. Onboarding Fuel’s customer data was automated and the reporting process mapped out and tested by gShift so as to not interrupt their current monthly processes and take up people’s time internally.

In the first month of using gShift, Fuel experienced a significant increase in productivity.

The monthly SEO Reporting process used to take 250 hours (250 clients * 1 hour per report) of manual labor, spreadsheets and communicating. Now it takes three hours and their clients receive a Fuel Agency branded report with comparison and competitive data in it.

Additionally, the Fuel Agency services delivery team is using the Predictive Traffic Beacon, Comparison Web Presence Beacon and Activity Tracking Beacon all built to help Fuel Agency gain insight into data faster for their 250+ clients.

Overall, Fuel Agency’s monthly return on investment on gShift’s software is well over 89%.

Their Account Managers are more productive and are able to spend more time “doing SEO” rather than just reporting on it.