Digital Giants Agency

“Partnering with gShift turned our business around and helped us solidify, and have a good service offering that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise”Marc Hill, Founder & CEO

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Digital Giants wins strategic business with gShift at the table.

Meet Digital Giants, an international digital agency, passionate about connecting their clients with the right target audience.

As a trusted partner in their clients’ successes, the team at Digital Giants ask the right questions in the digital space. Who is your true target market? What are they doing online? What methods of engagement work best for them? They have built their agency to be responsive, using data-driven insights to help inform and develop clients’ strategies in real-time.

Like many digital agencies, Digital Giants need to ensure they can report this data to their clients in an efficient and timely way. Reporting on the performance metrics for SEO, content and social media, can be time-consuming and take hours away from delivering on key strategic digital initiatives.

In their early days, prior to using gShift’s platform, the team at Digital Giants was relying on a wide variety of measuring and reporting tools to capture, track and report on the data required for their clients. This process could be manually intensive and often quite costly to the agency.

Through the addition of gShift, Digital Giants is able to quickly identify the opportunities and successes within a client’s digital marketing presence. This data helps their team implement modern marketing strategies to attract leads and opportunities.

“Partnering with gShift turned our business around and helped us solidify, and have a good service offering, which we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise,” comments Marc Hill, Founder & CEO, Digital Giants. Marc adds how his team has realized a positive ROI with gShift stating, “We see a significant decrease in the tracking of reporting time. On average, for most of our clients, we have seen a 50% decrease in tracking reporting time.”

Using Innovation to Drive Business

As a result, Digital Giants is growing quickly, winning new clients both nationally and globally. They are building new business because they are continually evolving their services to stay on top of new and emerging trends in digital marketing. Focused on ensuring they develop cutting edge strategies, Digital Giants relies on the platform innovation of gShift to help them expand.

“gShift is a big part of our growth; it’s a staple of our service offering,” says Marc. “We’ve built it into all of our web presence offerings, and as we grow and sign new national and international partnerships, gShift is a big part of that.”

As one of the oldest gShift clients, we are proud to have them share their agency success and how the gShift platform has played a role in their growth.