What is the Dark Funnel?

The customer journey has changed. With the rapid growth of social media, influencer marketing, and content marketing, buyers have the ability to educate themselves long before they make the decision to get in touch with your sales team. This evolution has impacted the industry, causing a lack of insight into where a prospect is in their buying decision process when they arrive at your website and ultimately identify themselves.

We call this lack of data and insight the Dark Funnel.

This evolution to the traditional marketing funnel has been taking place for many years. A Forrester report from 2007 explored this transformation in the early stages, concluding, “real process looks more like a complex network of detours, back alleys, alternate entry and exit points, external influences and alternative resources” thereby making a marketers job all the more difficult.

Change in the Customer Journey with Dark Funnel

This disruption to the traditional sales funnel has left many sales and marketing teams searching for a new map. Now, new light is being shown to reveal this Dark Funnel. Smart URLs play a significant role in illuminating the Dark Funnel, providing tracking of on-site and off-site content, providing influencer marketing analytics, and the ability to engage the customer along their journey through dynamic conversion paths.

We have been paying close attention to this evolution at gShift. We understand the multi-channel attribution challenges marketers face, and we are on a crusade to illuminate the Dark Funnel, so marketers and sales teams have the ability to get a more complete picture of their customers’, and, more importantly, their prospects’ engagement patterns.

gShift’s Smart URL technology, kontextURLs, enables marketers to track on-site, and more importantly, off-site content engagement metrics with infinite levels of tagging for detailed, segmented reporting. Combining this data with on-site engagement metrics, through integration with a lead nurturing tool, gives brands a much more accurate picture of a prospect’s score, thereby enabling them to tailor personalized content and calls-to-action to capitalize on conversion opportunities.

We understand our goal of illuminating the Dark Funnel does not stop with kontextURLs. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be excited to share more details of gShift’s innovation. We will continue to develop and put technology in the hands of marketers, which makes a material difference in their efforts…and their business.