SEO Re-Defined

…the acronym SEO in 2015 deserves to evolve from Search Engine Optimization to Strategies for Earned and Owned.Krista LaRiviere, gShift CEO & Co-founder
At the end of 2014, gShift CEO & CoFounder Krista LaRiviere was asked to give her thoughts on what is in store for SEO for the year 2015 as part of a forward-looking blog post consisting of input from many industry experts. Her response was powerful, and at the end coined a new meaning for the acronym SEO that accurately reflects its true relevance to today’s digital marketers.

Here is a portion of the article:

The primary trend in SEO in 2015 will be content marketing and the discoverability of that content in search and social. There are two related secondary trends that smart marketers will recognize that will set their strategies and outcomes apart from competitors. Those secondary trends are:

    1. Keyword-driven content for the sales funnel.
    2. Content distribution.

Smart digital marketers are already using data to inform their content marketing workflow process. Oftentimes content creation is unknowingly focused on only the awareness stage of the sales funnel. There is an opportunity for brands to more deeply understand, through keyword research, how their prospects’ search terms change as they progress through the sales funnel and where their content gaps are.

Creating content for each stage of the sales funnel based on keyword progression and understanding conversion of content through the funnel will become key in 2015.

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Strategic and thoughtful distribution of content is one of the most overlooked aspects of the content marketing workflow process and marketers will start to pay more attention to it in 2015. Many resources are spent creating content but not enough on distributing it at the right time in the right channels to the right audience.

Content, even a blog post, that is only distributed/published to a website and minimally socialized through an organization’s social channel, is really only scratching the surface. Brands need to seek out social influencers and think of each influencer as a distribution point for their content.

With content marketing continuing to be at the core of owned and earned digital strategies, the acronym SEO in 2015 deserves to evolve from Search Engine Optimization to Strategies for Earned and Owned.

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