Mobile SEO Resources

As of April 21, Google will begin updating their organic search algorithm, specifically making it easier for searchers to find mobile-friendly web pages and sites. For marketers, this means you are more likely to boost awareness of your business if your website is mobile-friendly.

Below is a list of resources you can use to learn about the current state of Mobile SEO and how you can prepare your web presence for mobile discoverability going forward.

Mobile SEO Guide For Your Web Presence

Learn about Mobile SEO, why it is important to your business and how to incorporate it into your website and content marketing strategies. Get the Mobile SEO Guide.

The Current State of Mobile SEO

 gShift’s Current State of Mobile SEO blog post showcasing the results of our recent survey. More than 275 digital marketers weighed in on how ready they feel for Google’s mobile algorithm change and how it could impact their business.

The Current State of Mobile SEO Infographic

 All of our Mobile SEO Survey results data in one easy to read and ready to share infographic. View and download the Current State of Mobile SEO Infographic.

Press Release: gShift Mobile SEO Survey Results

 Press release to highlight some of the key findings regarding industry professionals’ sentiment and web presence readiness for Google’s Mobile SEO algorithm update. Read our Mobile SEO Survey Results press release.