Creating Smarter Content – Infographic

gShift’s 4-part blog post series on Creating Smarter Content for your content marketing strategy was accompanied by handy infographics you could use as a quick reference. These graphics were packed with helpful hints and quick tips on content marketing. Including:

  • Understanding Customer Conversations
  • Crafting your content focus
  • Ensuring you have an audience
  • Identify online communities
  • Develop and publish keyword-rich content
  • Identify your competitors and where they are
  • Identify competitor conversations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identify social signals
  • Identify mobile presence
We then pieced each mini-graphic together to create one infographic.

Now, you can get the entire full-length infographic and have all of the Creating Smarter Content knowledge in one place!

Read the entire ‘Create Smarter Content’ series:

Part 1 – Researching Customer Conversations
Part 2 – Your Customer’s Web Presence
Part 3 – Your Competitor’s Conversations
Part 4 – Your Competitor’s Web Presence

Get the full infographic for your content marketing strategy: