Guides and Downloads

gShift’s How-To Guides provide search and content marketers with insight into various aspects of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. As SEO continues to evolve, so to must the way we buy, perform and deliver the corresponding services. These guides will help you understand how search is changing and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to optimize a web presence across search and social.

Influencer Profile Template

Influencer marketing is all about finding the right influencers for your campaign. By properly vetting your influencers, you are ensuring your campaign will be successful. Download the template

Content Engagement Reporting for Brand Marketers

Vanity metrics may look impressive but they aren’t telling you the whole story. Learn how to track the true performance of your content marketing by digging deep to get meaningful data that will help you engage better with your customer and increase your ROI. Get the guide.

Content Engagement Reporting for Modern PR Agencies

PR agencies can no longer depend on just publications and journalists to get their client’s story seen and read by their audience. We developed this guide to help outline some of these changes and the possible solutions modern PR agencies can put in place to rock client reporting. Get the guide.

Audience Development & Discoverability: Bringing SEO & Influencer Marketing Together

Brands are turning to influencer marketing to help them develop their brand awareness with their target audience. Learn how using SEO with influencer marketing can help you identify the right influencers, based on the keywords and content campaigns you are already optimizing for. Get the guide.

Mastering SmartURLs: A Content Marketer’s Guide to Tracking Off-Site Content

Marketers face challenges with accurately measuring the engagement with and performance of their content; particularly their off-site content. Learn how using smartURLs can help you gain valuable insight into the engagement metrics of your content, even off-site. Get the guide.

SEO Software Platform: Buyer’s Guide and Workbook

Digital marketing professionals face more selection in the technology landscape than ever before. We have developed this buyer’s guide and workbook to help marketers when they are evaluating an SEO software platform provider. Get the workbook.

Mobile SEO Guide For Your Web Presence

 Learn about Mobile SEO, why it is important to your business and how to incorporate it into your website and content marketing strategies. Get the guide.

Influencer Marketing Toolkit

Give your influencers the tools they need to promote your brand’s message. Use this detailed template as a guide to create a comprehensive influencer marketing toolkit that you can share with your brand ambassadors. Get the template.

Create Smarter Content -Infographic

 gShift’s 4-part blog post series on Creating Smarter Content for your content marketing strategy was accompanied by handy infographics you could use as a quick reference. Now, you can get the entire full-length infographic all in one place! Get the infographic.

Google Analytics Goals and Conversions Guide

Ensure you can Effectively Measure the Performance of your Website and Digital Content by Deploying Goals and Conversions in Google Analytics. Get the guide.

Content Marketing Keyword Research Guide

Kick your Content Marketing Strategy Into High Gear with Seven Keyword Research Sources for Search, Social & Mobile. Get the guide.

Not Provided Insights & Intelligence Guide

Gain insight into your Not Provided keywords to elevate your SEO and Content Marketing Strategies. Get the guide.

Social Keyword Research Guide

Learn about five new metrics to inform your content marketing strategy & impact brand discoverability in Search & Social. Get the guide.

Ten Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy

From buying SEO to boardroom reporting, this guide will help ensure your are starting off on the right foot with your SEO services agency. Get the guide.

Optimized Content Marketing How-To Guide

Outrank your competition in Google and drive quality web site traffic and leads with the Power of 3: SEO + Social Media + Content Marketing. Get the guide.

Google+ Business Page Optimization

Learn how to create, optimize, promote and master your Google+ Business Page for SEO in four easy steps. Get the guide.

Local Search Optimization Guide

Google+ Local and Getting Found in your Neighborhood -Local Search specific web presence optimization tips to ensure your business gets found in local search. Get the guide.

SEO Guide for Facebook

Optimize your Facebook Page for organic search and get control of these 5 main online marketing goals: Brand Management, Visibility, Impact, Engagement, Reputation Management. Get the guide.

A Guide to SEO for PR

PR Agencies have the power to positively influence organic search rankings, interaction, engagement and even conversion rates. Learn how to prove the impact of PR to your clients! Get the guide.

Be an SEO Rockstar

Even if you know nothing about SEO – Want to really rock out your SEO? Download this 10-tip SEO playbook. Get the guide.

YouTube SEO How-To Guide

Learn to Optimize, Socialize and Analyze your YouTube Channel with these great tips. Get the guide.