Digital Marketing Books

Recommended Digital Marketing Books

Here at the gShift office, we all pride ourselves on always expanding our knowledge. Many in the office share a great love for books from our own industry. As a result, we started an office bookshelf, where everyone can bring in and share some of their favourite digital marketing books.

We thought we would post a few of those books here, so that you can take a read through them as well.

  • The Content Code, by Mark Shaefer

    gShift is very proud to be a sponsor of Mark Shaefer’s latest book, The Content Code!
    This book starts where your current marketing plan ends, and provides the launch code for next-level success.

    The book dives deeply into the true value of social media marketing and the steps companies need to enable to achieve measurable results.

  • Landing Page Optimization, by Tim Ash

    How much more money could you be making with better website and landing page design? The latest edition of this bestselling guide shows you step by step how to test and tune landing pages and dramatically improve your bottom line.

    With more than 150 pages of new material, this ultimate marketer’s resource is packed with practical strategies and tips, as well as eye-opening case studies.

  • Storytelling for Startups, by Mark Evans

    This book delivers value and insight for entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners and people who want to grow their businesses and who believe storytelling can play a key role in their success.

    Evans collected case studies, best practices and data from dozens of experts, influencers and startups to provide a unique look at the value of storytelling to make your company’s marketing and sales efforts more compelling and successful.