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The gShift team is committed to producing valuable educational resources for brand marketers and digital agencies. Please take advantage of these resources to help better understand the ever-changing landscape of SEO, Content Marketing & Social Media.

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Browse our ever growing collection of knowledgeable How-To Guides including topics such as mobile SEO, content marketing, digital content optimization, local SEO, social media marketing, analytics and more. Check them all out!

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What is the Dark Funnel?

The customer journey has changed. Buyers have the ability to educate themselves long before they make the decision to get in touch with your sales team. We call this lack of data and insight the Dark Funnel.

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Webinars & Videos

Check out our collection of recorded digital marketing webinars and videos about leading industry topics and trends. Grab a notebook and jot down tips we share on SEO, social and content for optimization and measurement.

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gShift Podcasts


gShift is proud to be a sponsor of The Marketing Companion, featuring Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster. This excellent podcast is a great resource for brand marketers & digital agencies. Listen to recommended digital marketing podcasts.

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gShift Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

More and more users are searching for the products and services they need on-the-go. Brands have to build their SEO, social and content strategies to ensure they are being discovered on mobile devices. Also learn about the important mobile-based metrics.

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gShift Digital Marketing Books

Digital Marketing Books

Here at gShift, we can openly admit that many of us are digital marketing nerds. Our book collections reflect that. Here are a few of our top picks, written by many digital marketing industry thought leaders.

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gShift SEO Re-Defined

SEO Re-Defined

The SEO industry has changed and evolved into so much more. Read about how gShift CEO & CoFounder, Krista LaRiviere, redefines the acronym ‘SEO’ for today’s modern digital marketer, and explains how it is no longer just about search.

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gShift Heirarchy of Web Presence Optimization

Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization

gShift’s defining methodology, the Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization is the foundation with which the analytics platform was developed, and continues to drive our innovative approach to digital marketing strategy and insights.

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gShift Product Releases

Software Releases

gShift innovation is ongoing and neverending. Find out what new features and functionality we’ve introduced to help marketers more efficiently and effectively optimize their content and brand discoverability in search & social.

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gShift Product Releases

Data Beacon Spotlight

Each week we create a spotlight on 2-3 Data Beacons from our system, highlighting the key features of them and how the valuable insight each one provides. Get to know our Data Beacons today and see how they could impact your digital marketing strategy.

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