Influencer Marketing Certificate Overview

Principles of Digital Marketing
How to Continually Drive Authority for Your Brand

Course Rational
In this introductory course, you and your organization will be given the tools you need to grasp what digital marketing is today. You will learn up to date digital marketing terms and given a basic concept of how to succeed in today’s digital landscape. This will help lay a strong foundation for all the other courses offered within gShift University.

Content Marketing Training

Course Rational
The key to a digital marketing is great content!, a content development strategy and a distribution strategy for the content is often missed. Most organizations create content without long-term intent, post it on their blog, make a few posts on social media referencing the content, then stop there. This course will help you boost your content ROI!

Influencer Marketing Training

Course Rational
A new trend in digital marketing is utilizing the power of people’s social following and influence. This is called “influencer marketing”. The influencer marketing training module will explore more in-depth awareness of the impact utilizing influencer marketing can have for a brand, different examples of how influencer marketing can be executed, and options / levels of execution that can be involved with an influencer marketing project.

Campaign Planning and Development

Course Rational
Full campaigns that encompass all aspects of digital marketing are critical to developing and growing a strong presence generating brand awareness and marketing qualified leads. Campaigns can include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid search marketing and more. This module will examine how to tie all of the different aspects of digital marketing together and make a robust and cohesive digital presence.

Planning For Client Reporting

Course Rational
Learning how to draw actionable insights from an overabundance of data is ultimately the challenge to all digital specialists. The ability to work backwards from what insights are needed, to drive what data will generate those insights is the purpose of this course.