Digital Sales Certificate Overview

Principles of Digital Marketing
How to Continually Drive Authority for Your Brand

Course Rational
In this introductory course, you and your organization will be given the tools you need to grasp what digital marketing is today. You will learn up to date digital marketing terms and given a basic concept of how to succeed in today’s digital landscape. This will help lay a strong foundation for all the other courses offered within gShift University.

Keyword Research Training – Part 1: Keyword Research Principles and Theory Training

Course Rational
This course will teach you to identify, track and rank meaningful keywords, both short and long tail, that are relevant to your digital marketing. We will teach you how to look at all aspects of keyword research and identify “keyword gems” that will help you effectively rank high in search engines.

Competitive Analysis

Course Rational
This course is to help you get a clear picture of your digital competitive landscape. This will enable you to identify and react to any digital presence threats, weaknesses or opportunities, while continually maximizing your strengths. Part of a great search strategy is being relevant and better than your competition so you don’t end up overspending.

Planning For Client Reporting

Course Rational
Learning how to draw actionable insights from an overabundance of data is ultimately the challenge to all digital specialists. The ability to work backwards from what insights are needed, to drive what data will generate those insights is the purpose of this course.

Software and Services Sales – Existing Service Offering

Course Rational
This tailored sales training for services and software sales is a hands-on intensive program developed to affect change in your organization. Your sales team will be able to confidently approach existing clients and prospects with your unique solution to the market for digital products. To preface this training, the following activities will be performed:

This course is best delivered with the trainer in an onsite delivery

Discovery conducted by phone prior to training

  1. Who are your customers
  2. What are your existing skills for sales / delivery
  3. What is your existing services offering