Content Marketing Certificate Overview

Principles of Digital Marketing
How to Continually Drive Authority for Your Brand

Course Rational
In this introductory course, you and your organization will be given the tools you need to grasp what digital marketing is today. You will learn up to date digital marketing terms and given a basic concept of how to succeed in today’s digital landscape. This will help lay a strong foundation for all the other courses offered within gShift University.

Keyword Research Training – Part 1: Keyword Research Principles and Theory Training

Course Rational
This course will teach you to identify, track and rank meaningful keywords, both short and long tail, that are relevant to your digital marketing. We will teach you how to look at all aspects of keyword research and identify “keyword gems” that will help you effectively rank high in search engines.

Content Marketing Training

Course Rational
The key to a digital marketing is great content!, a content development strategy and a distribution strategy for the content is often missed. Most organizations create content without long-term intent, post it on their blog, make a few posts on social media referencing the content, then stop there. This course will help you boost your content ROI!

Content Engagement Tracking Training

Course Rational
The customer journey in the sales funnel has changed! 80% of the customer’s sales funnel journey occurs off the brand’s website. Understanding how and where users are consuming content both within your website and more importantly outside of your website can provide invaluable data and insights into actions to take within your digital marketing program. There are various ways and levels of information you can obtain for these insights, but more importantly knowing what to do and what actions to take with this data is what will put you above the rest.

Social Media Training

Course Rational
Social media has evolved beyond a simple way to connect and communicate with peers. Consumers are now using information in social media to make informed decisions prior to purchasing. This is why digital marketers have an advantage to leverage these platforms to influence peoples ideas and thoughts through marketing messages. People do not want to be sold to, especially on social media, which is why you need to be a smart marketer and understand what conversations are occurring, the appropriate keywords to use, who you are communicating with and why they will care about your message.

Conversion Optimization and Measurement Training

Course Rational
Driving traffic to an end goal through methods including external content, paid marketing, social media and other forms of traffic is important, however, if strategic conversion points are missing, time and money is wasted. Online prospects need to be firmly guided to take an action, whether it is obvious to them or not. When well thought out placement and wording is executed and the call-to-action is clear, your ability to convert the visitor greatly increases.