We’ve Found the Elusive gSpot

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Today, we are overjoyed to announce the successful conclusion to an age-old search for the much sought after, but ever-elusive, gSpot! This search has spanned the globe and all of the 2000+ search engines currently being monitored in the gShift platform.

Much like Google’s infamous algorithm, unicorns or the Bermuda Triangle, little is truly understood about how the gSpot actually works and many even questioned its existence. Still, the promise of the gSpot held firm.


Dr. Richard S. Feeley

Recently, a crack team of search engine specialists, led by self-professed expert Dr. Richard S. Feeley, momentarily unearthed the gSpot while casually browsing for ED pharmaceuticals.

“It was right there under our noses all along! And then just like that it was gone again.” quipped Dr. Feeley

Undeterred, the good doctor and his team proceeded to feel their way along several other paths in the hope of nailing down their slippery target once and for all. An exhaustive chase through a variety of adult content, popular cartoon and geo-political websites finally led exhausted researchers to the happy ending they were all desperately wishing for, at which point they all sat back to enjoy a refreshing cigarette.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal the exact location of the gSpot due to strict international regulations, confidentiality agreements signed by Dr. Feeley and his team, as well as a pending book, blog and movie negotiations. However, our team of patient determined astute engineers has developed an earth-shattering tool to allow you to find the gSpot for yourself.

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