Tearing Down Walls. Things Just Got Real.

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Anticipation-of-Growth-gShiftAnticipation is a killer. Even though you know things are coming, and can put in a ton of preparation to be ready; there is nothing like the moment something becomes real. I think back to training for a 1/2 Ironman and remember putting so many hours training that, in actuality, what I was about to do on race day was something I had done many times before. The difference was there was a reality that sunk in when the gun went off, and it became real.


Over the past month here at gShift, things just got real. A wall came down in our office.

gShift Expanding Growth

Now, I have been a part of high growth tech companies for the past ten years and one of the main reasons I joined gShift was for the opportunity to go on another ride of explosive growth. During the seven months, I have been part of gShift, we have been growing at a pretty good pace. We’ve also spent a ton of time structuring the organization, and deploying the processes to support the scale that is on the imminent horizon. With all of that, you would think that the reality of growth comes without a blink. In actuality, something about that wall coming down made it real….like the gun going off at the start of a race.

What is it about the wall that made it real? Not sure. A few months ago we secured some space adjacent to our current office in anticipation of future growth. With the addition of some recent hires we officially outgrew our current footprint and needed to take down a wall to allow access to expand into the new, unused, space. Maybe it was a reminder of the tasks ahead of us, the lofty growth expectations or the true test to the structure and process we have put in place. Whatever it was, it got the blood flowing, and like at the start of a race, it is an exhilarating feeling when you trust you’ve put in the work to be successful.

I am sure it will not be the only wall to come down….in fact, over the coming year, there will likely be more renovations to our HQ, new offices coming online in new cities, and many more people occupying the spaces. It won’t be the only wall, but it was the first, and to me that is a reminder that it is GO TIME!

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