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Shining a Light on gShift Data Beacons

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We’re on the verge of developing and releasing our 50th Beacon. It seems like only yesterday when our first widgetized bit of data goodness found its way onto our new Dashboard infrastructure; forever changing the way gShift clients interact with and gain insights from our platform.

In the last nine months we’ve introduced dozens of free Beacons based on data already available (albeit not necessarily readily accessible) in gShift.

Beacons and Dashboards have become our way of helping illuminate and better activate the rich data we offer. We’ve also released a few Premium/Advanced Beacons, which pull in data from other sources and/or apply advanced algorithms to present unique analytics and insights in a highly consumable format within a Dashboard.

gShift Data Beacon Library

These data snapshots have been placed into the following categories within our Beacon library:

  • 3rd Party Data
  • Analytics
  • Competition
  • Content
  • Discovery
  • General
  • Keywords
  • kontextURLs
  • Social

As we approach the BIG 5-0 and to kick off 2016, we’ve decided it’s time to start putting our Beacons and the insights they provided into the spotlight. Every week we will be featuring 2 or 3 similarly themed Beacons and how they can be used to answer important SEO, content or other pressing marketing questions.

If you have questions about gShift Data Beacons or have an idea for a cool new Beacon please reach out to us at

We will start slowly with a couple of basic analytics Beacons designed to help our users identify top or bottom performing channels and consequently focus their valuable time.

Website Traffic Timeline

Website Traffic Timeline Beacon

Beacon Type – Analytics

Question Answered – How is my website traffic trending?

The Website Traffic Timeline simply displays the sessions, pageviews, conversions and/or bounces for a selected website over a selected time period. Additionally, any global messages, such as Google algorithm updates (which are recorded and published by gShift) or activities completed within gShift will be included on this timeline. This Beacon is great for visually seeing website traffic highs and lows along with what may have caused any such changes.

Traffic by Channel

Website Traffic by Channel Beacon

Beacon Type – Analytics

Question Answered – Where is my most and least valuable website traffic coming from?”

The Traffic by Channel Beacon has been designed to enable users to either see the big picture regarding where their most or least valuable traffic is coming from or focus their attention on specific channels or metrics as required. The full breadth of analytics data made available through this Beacon includes a breakdown by Channel for a selected Date Range of:

  • Total Sessions (Visits)
  • Total Pageviews
  • Pages per Session
  • Average Session Length
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Total Goal Conversions
  • Aggregate Goal Values
  • Average Bounce Rate

Users can pick and choose which Channels and which of the data points they wish to view. Further, the Beacon criteria and views can be custom configured on the fly for quick comparative data snapshots.

While simple in structure and in isolation, the data presented in these two Beacons side-by-side provides quick, powerful insights into what’s affecting traffic growth or loss and where a marketer should begin to focus their attention to optimize traffic performance.

Next week we’ll put the spotlight on two or three more insightful Beacons and welcome your feedback in the meantime.

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