gShift Software Release October 2016

October 2016 Software Release

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The October 2016 release introduces five new Web Presence Dashboard Templates designed to guide users to the data and insights they need to make actionable SEO, content optimization and digital marketing decisions.

The first four dashboards are collections of Data Beacons focused on answering questions related to Keywords, Content, Competition and Website Traffic through Analytics. The fifth is a Discovery Dashboard, which aims to enable users to identify the right keywords, content and competitors to focus on. Each of these templates can be cloned and customized with fewer or additional Data Beacons from the library to suit your organization’s specific needs. Custom Beacons displaying external data may also be created upon request.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you need any help configuring or using any of these Dashboard Templates.

Other notable features and usability improvements included in this release:

General Platform

  • Change Page Views and PageViews to Pageviews
  • Add Reauthorize for LinkedIn
  • Google Local Positions update – significant change to the way we identify local positions (4 scenarios)
  • Keyword Research Panels – Add Search
  • Add Activities Button to the Web Presence Listing Panel

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Web Presence Comparison Beacon and Competition (Site vs Competitor) – Age of Domain and Expiry date formats
  • Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon – change/move Follow and Ignore buttons
  • Add columns to the Predictive Revenue Boost Analysis Beacon
  • Predictive Revenue Boost Analysis Beacon – XSLX download
  • Config Custom CTRs in Beacons using Visibility Score


  • Conversion Path Beacon improvements
  • Conversion Path Beacon configure screen improvements
    kontextURL Generic Data Graph Beacon – display Titles in all formats
  • Add Totals Row to the Tables in Advanced kontextURL Engagement Report
  • Adjust Save in Tags Beacon to Save All

Site Audit

• Change text on the Site Audit Activity Panel

User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule to register for any of our free regularly scheduled weekly group sessions on (gShift Fundamentals – Getting Started,  Beacons & Dashboards, Competitive Intelligence or Advanced + Content Performance, Reporting).  Or you can always reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for one-on-one training.

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