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October 2015 Release

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The October 2015 release includes two new Beacons, the ability to take quick Beacon snapshots for inclusion in Reports and other documents and a new and improved workflow for managing Keywords, Search Engines and Keyword Klusters.

Keyword Discovery Beacon

One age-old questions marketers and SEO professionals have is “What keywords should I be following and optimizing my content for?” We’ve developed a new Keyword Discovery Beacon to help answer this important question. Starting with a selected Keyword Kluster and Search Engine, this Beacon serves up all of the related keywords associated with the keywords in the Kluster along with their search volumes and competition levels. This Beacon will enable you to quickly identify the keywords offering the highest potential visibility and click through traffic based on search volume. You can choose to follow the keywords suggested from the Beacon to see if your on-site or off-site content is ranking for them or ignore those which are not relevant to your brand’s marketing efforts.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you want to learn more about how you can find the right set of keywords to follow in gShift.

Competitor Discovery Beacon

Most marketers are able to quickly answer who their primary, real-world competitors are, however, competition can quite often differ and change rapidly when it comes to online visibility. As such, gShift has developed a Beacon to save time identifying “real” online competitors by analyzing the Top 50 Search Results for a selected Kluster of Keywords and Search Engine. Domains which show up consistently in the Top 50 and/or which have shown significant positive rank movement placing them in the Top 25th percentile are flagged as Strong competitors, while those in the 26th to 75th percentile are presented as Average. Competitors may be followed for more detailed comparative analysis or ignored if they are deemed to not be competitors at all.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you would like to start finding and following your true online competition.

Beacon Snapshots

gShift Beacons and Custom Dashboards have been designed to put the data you need to make quick, actionable decisions at your fingertips. However, sometimes you need to share your web presence analytics and metrics with others in a report or presentation. You can now easily do so, by taking and downloading a snapshot of any gShift Data Beacon. Simply click on the Camera icon in the top right hand corner of any Beacon and download a .jpg of your data. Alternatively, right click to copy or save the Beacon image in any other format your choose. You can then just as simply paste your Beacon into your preferred Word, PowerPoint or other document format for presentation.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help setting up, configuring or accessing your Data Beacons and Dashboards.

New Keyword, Search Engine and Kluster Management Workflow 

We’ve made some changes to the way you Follow and Manage Keywords, Search Engines and Klusters in gShift. All of these functions can now be carried out through the Keywords > Manage section of the App.

When you click on Follow New Keywords you will be presented with a pop-up window where you can add as many keywords as you wish. These keywords will be added to a New Keyword Batch, which you will be able to access from the left side menu later, if you are uploading multiple lists. You can easily copy and paste keywords from a .CSV or Excel file with one keyword per line.

At this point you will have the options of Adding these keywords to any Search Engines you are following and/or Adding these keywords to Klusters you have created.

We highly recommend using Klusters to logically group together and organize your keywords for better data analysis and reporting.

Lastly, you will note Search Engines can now be Added, Managed or Deleted within this section.

Please contact if you have any questions about Managing Keywords, Klusters or Search Engines in gShift.

Also in this Release:

  • Profile images are no longer square in the User Portal Access Panel (Agency and Client only)
  • Session variables to enable account access via multiple tabs
  • Advanced search added to Agency Overview Panel to enable search for clients, presences and/or keywords
  • Beacon and Dashboard Updates
    • New Dashboard Backgrounds added
    • Logout option added to gShift Dashboard-Only View
  • kontextURL Updates
    • Cookie support
    • API interface created
    • GA Event integration
    • URL Aliasing and Forwarding
    • Client Config
    • Taxonomy Management improvements
    • Usage Records
    • Tag Management improvements
    • Conversion Path improvements
    • URL Management improvements
    • Public link checking
    • Location Data support
    • URL formats
    • White-Labelled URL config
    • IP Filtering config
    • Privacy/Cookie Setting config
    • Sitemap Label
    • Auto-populate Title based on Destination URL
  • SiteCondor Website Audit Updates

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