gShift November 2015 Software Release

November 2015 Release

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gShift’s November 2015 release includes several new Beacons and a better way to create kontextURLs directly from within your Google Chrome Browser.

Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Beacon

The Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Beacon will enable you to quickly identify your top performing or underperforming Keywords within specific Keyword Klusters based on positions and average monthly search volume across multiple search engines in order to better determine where to focus your attention. Drill down from this Beacon into more specific details for any single keyword and additional insights into what to do next.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you want help configuring klusters, search engines or this powerful new Beacon.

Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Graph

The Keyword Position Comparison Graph provides another way to visualize the keywords within a kluster you need to pay attention to based on either their rank within a specified search engine, their monthly average search volume in the engine and/or a combination of these two metrics. Click on any keyword to see more granular details and to gain further insights into what you should do next to boost your authority for this keyword.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you would like to learn how to configure and incorporate this Beacon into your own Custom Dashboard.

Top Performing Content by Analytics or Visibility

gShift has developed two separate Beacons, which will enable you to identify your Top Performing On-Site Content based on Analytics or your Top Content based on a Organic Search Visibility.

The first Beacon can be configured to display and sort your website traffic by Sessions, Pageviews and/or Conversions.

The second Beacon identifies all of the on-site or off-site content you are following, which maintains keyword positions for a specified keyword kluster in a selected engine. The Beacon uses those positions to calculate a relative strength rating of Strong, Average or Weak enabling you to determine which content needs to be maintained or boosted.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help setting up, configuring or accessing your Data Beacons and Dashboards.

Premium Facebook Campaign and Ads Beacons

Create and configure Beacons within a Social Dashboard to obtain detailed Facebook Ad Campaign and/or Ad-specific details including Creative, Time Period, Spend, Reach and Engagement metrics. Put two or more Beacons side-by-side to compare campaigns or along side other Beacons like Google Adwords to compare the effectiveness of your Paid Campaigns and Channels.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you’d like to find out more about these exciting new Facebook Beacons.

kontextURL Google Chrome Browser Extension

In an effort to simplify the process of creating trackable kontextURLs, gShift has created a Google Chrome Browser Extension, which will enable users to start the kontextURL creation process when they are navigating any Web page. Once installed as a Chrome Extension, users can either click on the kontextURLs icon in their Extension Bar or highlight and right click on any link within a Web page and then choose Create kontextURL. Users will then be taken to a kontextURL Creation panel where they will be able to configure their kontextURL with a domain, vanity path, title, description and content tags for advanced tracking and reporting.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about how you can leverage kontextURLs to monitor and report on engagement with your on-site or off-site content through to conversion.

Also in this Release


• kontextURL Generic Data Graph modifications
• Sort Data in kontextURL Data Beacons
• kontextURL Title Pre-population
• kontextURL Title Generation
• Edit a kontextURL
• GA Tracking ID for Account Config and URL Creation
• Change kontextURLs icon in Navigation
• kontextURL Browser Extension account association

Beacons and Dashboards

• Add Pagination to Discovered Competitors Beacon
• Add Pagination to Discovered Content Beacon
• Add Pagination to Keyword Position and Volume Comparison Beacon
• Dashboard Templates select attributes by Default
• Add Klusters to Change Attributes Options on Dashboard
• Keyword Position and Volume Comparison Beacon
• Keyword Position Comparison Beacon
• Keyword Kluster Visibility Beacon – Link to Klusters On/Off option
• Save Dashboard override attributes
• Website Traffic Timeline Beacon mods
• Klustered Keyword Positions Drilldown
• Dashboard and Beacon Edit/Configure Mods
• Conversions by Channel Beacon Mods
• Competitive Visibility Beacon Mods
• Content Discovery Beacon Data Sort and Mods
• Dashboard template clone instead of link


• Option to Include 50+ in Keyword Ranking History Report
• Add an Optional Description Field to Reports below Labels
• Add Search Volume to All Keyword Positions by Keyword
• Change External Content to Off-Site Content
• Add to kluster in keyword manage
• Create an Unklustered Keywords Status in Keywords>Manage
• Change Add Buttons to Follow Buttons for consistency
• Keyword and search engine setup redesign
• Navigation Changes at Agency, Client and Web Presence Levels
• Change and Add Buttons to the Client Panel
• Support all Languages for Google.AE
• Change Help Center Button Text

SiteCondor Site Audit

• Export SiteCondor jobs as PDF report

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