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February 2016 Software Release

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The February 2016 gShift release includes several minor usability updates as well as the four major items detailed below:

Google Adwords Data Now Available in the Web Presence Report

gShift users now have the option of including valuable Google Paid Adwords campaign data alongside their Organic Search data within the Web Presence Report. Report on impressions, clicks and cost for up to three campaigns during a single time period or across two comparative date ranges. The data can be presented in both tabular and graphical timeline formats for easy analysis.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about how to start pulling this important data into your ad hoc or scheduled reports.

Website Conversion Analysis Timeline Beacon

The Website Conversion Analysis Timeline enables users to visually analyze how visitors to a website are converting by channel over a specific period of time. Goals from Google Analytics can be organized into groups in gShift to compare how many and what types of conversions are being completed by channel. Beacons can also be created and configured for different timeframes within the same dashboard for additional comparative analysis.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or to find out more about configuring goals in Google Analytics or Goal Groups in gShift and leveraging this valuable new Beacon.

Activity Tracker Beacon

Agencies or organizations leveraging activities and activity tracking in gShift can create a Beacon to monitor single or multiple users, their activities, due dates and time spent on each activity at the Agency, Client or Web Presence level. These activities can in turn be downloaded in a .CSV or calendar format for offline review and maintenance.

Contact if you have any questions about this Beacon, other Beacons or setting up Custom Agency, Client or Presence Dashboards.

Site Audit Custom Filters

gShift has added a Custom Filter to Site Audit configuration for those who wish to focus an audit on a specific section or group of pages. This feature can also be used to exclude pages, which you’ve determined do not need to be audited. Advanced users can even build their own Regular Expressions to define very specific inclusions or exclusions.

Contact support if you require assistance defining, which pages of your website you wish to include or exclude in an Audit.

Other features and usability improvements in this release:

General Platform

  • Follow New Keyword modal and manage modifications
  • Keyword Level Summary Graph – Display Title, Link to Content Details and Hyperlink to Ranking Content
  • Add Manage Option to Agency
  • Add gShift Twitter feed to Login Screen
  • Option to Hide Login Page Twitter Feed for Agencies
  • Add Contact Sales to Backlink message
  • Layout change for Manage On-Site and Off-Site Content
  • Fix to show Agencies, Clients or Presence the User has a role in
  • Add Search to Content > Analytics > Content/Pages
  • Move modules into packages
  • Untracked/Unklustered Keyword Warning
  • Update Google Plus Icon in Google Plus Section
  • No Data to Display in eCommerce Section
  • Client Settings Manage
  • Top Discovered Content Beacon Mods
  • Add a Klusters option to the Switch Keyword modal
  • Last Login Report modifications 

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Enforce Dashboard Only at the Presence Level
  • Advanced Discovered Keywords – time out extension and delay messages
  • Update Images for Competitive Share of Voice and Predictive Traffic Boost Beacons in Library
  • Create Beacon Module to Control User Access
  • Beacon Library – Create Category and Restrict Access to Premium Beacons
  • Remove Tour from Cloned Dashboards
  • Beacon Previews
  • Top Discovered Content Beacon modifications
  • Beacon Snapshot modifications
  • Dashboard/Beacon User Access and Permissions


  • Remove/Hide Reports from Client Level Navigation
  • Modify the Date Range in the Report Title to include Actual Dates
  • Keyword History Report Time Period Options Extended


  • kontextURL List modifications – Edit Button, Column Widths, Sort by Most Recent Date Descending
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph Beacon mods
  • Export kontextURL list to CSV
  • Update kontextURL Conversion Path Beacon descriptions in Library
  • Support for Multiple Taxonomies
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph Beacon – Group By Option
  • Updated kontextURL Browser Extension messaging
  • Enable Dynamic Attribute forwarding
  • Incorporate Bot Filter List
  • Filter Data by IP/UA
  • Bulk URL Creator modifications
  • gShift Package Integration
  • Device / Browser Data Beacon
  • Copy Short URL Attributes to Long URL
  • Custom kontextURL 404 (Not Found) Page

Site Audit

  • Site Audit Tour modifications
  • Competition > Site Audit – only display Competitive Site Audits
  • Revise the Site Audit List Page
  • Create Help Bubbles for Site Audit Configuration
  • All Resource Types on by Default
  • Add Count to Titles Section
  • Change Crawls to Audits
  • Change Labels in Resource Section
  • Split Off-Site Content into its own tab in the Resources Section
  • Duplicates in Titles, H1s and Meta Descriptions
  • Admin Search Improvements
  • Update FAQ for User Agent / Crawling info
  • Prospecting Tool (Ad hoc Crawl Requests)

gShift User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any of our free group sessions on where you feel you could use a refresher on keyword or competitive research, data beacon/dashboard configuration or reporting. Alternatively reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for advanced, one-on-one training.

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