Life at gShift: From Barrie to the Lights of Broadway for CTA NYC

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Last week, gShift had the privilege to participate in the orientation week for the Canadian Technology Accelerator program in New York City. Not only was it a week filled with great insights and guidance, it was also a chance for us to network with other great Canadian companies, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Above all that, it allowed us to get closer to what really matters, our customers.

The program is designed to help Canadian technology companies establish themselves in the US market and part of that recipe is to provide office space as we ramp up our US operations. Given the concentration of both brands and agencies in NYC, we couldn’t be more excited about having a home base in their backyard.

As coincidence would have it, the office space is located at 1412 Broadway, a block away from Times Square. The working space is modern, and the air is always filled with an infectious buzz from the entrepreneurial crowd looking to make their mark. I found it very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the space, but all it takes is a peek out the window at the bright lights of Times Square to act as a reminder of the opportunity at the doorstep.

gShift part of Canadian Technology Accelerator

Our new digs at Grind.

If you were to ask my Daughter, the highlight of my week should have been the spotting of Olaf in Times Square. If that was indeed it, a close second would have been the face to face meetings we were able to have with prospective customers through the week. It is always interesting to see some of the unique office spaces around NYC, and have the opportunity to establish that relationship with a customer over lunch (luckily it was a warm week, so most of those lunches were had on a patio outside).

gShift in NYC for CTA

Olaf, handing out warm hugs in Times Square.

We will no doubt be spending a lot of time in NYC moving forward, and with it brings the excitement of immense opportunity. Not a phone call or a plane ride away, but right in our backyard…and if that is ever in doubt, a quick look out a window at the office at the lights of Times Square is always there to serve as a gentle reminder.

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