Going Beyond the Influencer

Going Beyond the Influencer: Getting to Know Their Audience

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Influencer marketing can be a delicate balancing act. Brands often want influencers to love the product and rave about it online but also be authentic – in other words, they want the best of both worlds.

The audiences for the most part care more about the authenticity and trust relationship they have with the influencer than anything else. If the trust relationship isn’t present, then it might as well be a celebrity or random person on the street trying to sell them the product or service.

The trust relationship is what makes influencer marketing unique – the audience trusts that the influencer is telling them the truth about a product, even when the influencer clearly discloses payment for services, because they have built a relationship with their audience over time.

Finding The Right Influencers

It is this audience, then, that should drive the attempt to find influencers and the influencer marketing strategy used in campaigns. It is the audience that defines the way the story is told, and the tools used to do so.

According to Environics Research, like-minded people often live in the same environment. If you can tease out what is important to the influencer, you will know what their audience will respond to.

Geography plays a huge role in audience but not always in the way you would expect. An influencer from Toronto may have a large audience in western Canada thanks to relationships they have built up over the years, so geo-restricting campaigns to influencers in certain areas can backfire if their audience isn’t in the same area as they are.

In the same way, some unmarried and childless influencers can have a core audience of parents of young children and should not be dismissed out of the gate because they themselves do not have children. It’s not the influencer that is being marketed to – they are simply the medium through which the message is being shared. The audience is the target, and losing sight of that can be a costly mistake.

Influencer’s Responsibilities

Influencers hired for campaigns need to be able to paint a picture of their audience. Who is their core audience on each platform? What resonates with each audience? What posts are still generating traffic months and years later? That’s the best place to start. Then look at engagement – what posts is the audience sharing, commenting, and liking?

An influencer who says their audience is “everyone” likely hasn’t done the work to figure out who their audience is. One cannot be all things to all people successfully. Luckily, there are tools available to help influencers figure out who their audience is, and once they know WHO they are talking to, they can plan how best to reach them.

Whether it is a listicle, a short post, photo stories, or a series of videos, having their audience in mind will help the influencer know how to approach the topic and tell your story in the best way possible.

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Tools to Help find The Right Influencer

There are a few tools on the web right now that can help you find the right influencer with the right audience:

These tools will help you distinguish who the influencer’s audience is and whether they’re real followers or fake, such as bots or paid.

While choosing the right influencer is an important step in digital marketing, even more important is choosing the influencer with the right audience. That is, the audience you are trying to reach with your campaign. If the audience is wrong, it doesn’t matter how good the campaign is or how hard the influencer works, it won’t have the same reach or appeal as finding an influencer with the right audience.

So when choosing influencers, look beyond the numbers and the name and get to know their audience as well.

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